Newborn Bathtime – Steps To A Wonderful Bathtime

If you are a new parent then you might be dreading the bath time of your baby more than the child itself. Some kids hate being in the water which is why they get super cranky and throw a tantrum. As a mother, this might be a difficult phase for you because on one hand you are trying to comfort the child and you also are trying to make sure he/she is clean enough so there is less risk of falling sick. So here are a few things you could do to make bath time a bit more fun. This way your child will throw some less drama which makes things a lot easier for you.

Get The Toys In There

What better way to distract the child right? So get some toys in, get all the favourite toys in the tub. You could get in some waterproof dolls and the ducks which make a noise. This will keep them busy so while they are playing you could bathe them with shampoo/body wash. Another great idea is to play some relaxing music that would calm them or talk to them while they are having a shower. The idea here is to get them used to bath time so they wouldn’t fuss to make it a daily ritual. Once they get used to it you wouldn’t have to do all these. However, sometimes no matter what you do your child might cry a lot there could be a lot of reasons for it. For example, your baby might be hungry. So make sure he/she is well fed and after twenty minutes of the gap you could take them for the shower.

Post Shower

Post shower hygiene is very important for the baby. Most of the mothers dread using towels because babies can actually be allergic to those. These go through chemical testing and are not ideal for baby’s sensitive skin. However, Hooded baby towels are recommended by the experts for a baby’s soft and sensitive skin.  They are eco-friendly also it is 4 times more absorbent than regular cotton. So this ensures that your child doesn’t overheat and are great for both summer and winter!  They get the softest material so make sure you get your new born this. That way you will not face any after shower tantrums that are mainly caused due to regular towels. Also make sure you wash your baby’s clothes separate in hot water, they do deserve some attention so don’t get lazy!

Lastly, sometimes children cry because the shampoo or soap gets into their eye which makes it burn really bad. This is why you should select something which is gentle in their eyes. There are a lot of shampoos in the market which has the slogan of “no more tears” so get that and you will see a visible difference in your baby bath time.

Hope the above tips work for your child. Keep in mind that every child is different so what works for your friends baby might not really work for you so don’t be let down by that.

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