Top Tips to Keep Your Car in Shape

You bought a new car which is, in fact, your first one ever. Now, after the grueling selection process for your new car, you are faced with the task of keeping it that way―as if it works like a brand new unit―for as long as you possibly can. Being a first-time car owner, the idea of maintaining your car in tip-top shape can be a tad stressful since you are about to tread on uncharted territory. Well, at least for you.

Car maintenance mainly gears towards three major reasons. First, of course, is to keep the car working in good condition for as long as possible. In this case, be prepared to answer questions like “How to keep the engine working faultlessly?” or “How to make sure the exterior and interior is impeccable at all times?” The second reason is to ensure the safety of every traveller. What parts do you need to check as frequently as possible to prevent road accidents and do you need to add mechanisms to increase safety while on the road? And finally, to increase its value in case you decide to get it sold in the future when, in case, you decide to upgrade your car. Considering these reasons, here are the top tips on how to keep your new car in shape:

Tip No. 1: Keep an eye on your tires

The main concern for keeping your tires in good condition is ensuring they are properly inflated. This can be achieved through the installation of tyre pressure monitoring systems which keep track of your tires’ air pressure levels. Incorrect inflation level in tires may result to unsafe conditions on the road which may be the cause of loss of property or life.

Tip No. 2: Zoning in on your Brakes and Batteries

Brakes are highly associated with your safety while driving. Ensuring they are working right are of utmost importance. There are car models which require regular replacement of brakes in order to attain the best efficiency level. Driving, especially in a city like Tuggeranong, can be exhausting due to the number of vehicles and pedestrians on the road. Good working brakes are a must in these areas. On the other hand, the common mistake in handling batteries is that they are left to work until they are fully run down. What you need to know is that your batteries need to be cleaned as frequently as needed. Should you replace it, make it a point to confirm the condition of the alternator if it is still working properly as well.

Tip No. 3: Watching out for lights out

Your car’s lightings are very important and should always be checked on. All of your lights such as the head and tail lights, turn signals, brake and reverse lights should be working properly. Upon discovery of any light that is not functioning, you must immediately look for a replacement. The direction to where the light emission is going is one way to check them. The headlights, for example, should be pointing downwards. However, lighting pointing way too low is also not advisable since it limits the extent to which you can see the road during night time or rainy days.

Tip No. 4: Be mindful of your oils and fluids

Get to know your car model and take note of its oil requirement. Assessing the frequency of changing your oil is the key to keeping your car going smoothly. Set aside time to search for the best-suited oil for your car and stick to it once you find it.

Your car also needs fluids to work. At least once a week, the fluids must be checked and assessed. Look into your brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant and even your windshield fluid used for washing must be checked.

Tip No. 5: Get the best mechanic

As a beginner, it is expected that you are not as knowledgeable as you would like to be with car maintenance. Which is why you should look for the best person to guide you: a mechanic. Finding a mechanic Tuggeranong is not difficult. There are a lot of auto shops who provide excellent service for competitive costs. These people are always willing to help out especially a newbie in car maintenance.

Owning a car is a must these days, particularly for people in the suburbs and cities who are teeming with people and destinations to go to. The convenience of finding the best car for you is extremely important. But maintaining the car in the best way possible is equally vital.

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