How to Be On the Lookout for a Flat Tyre?

Tyre failures are much less heard of in this day and age with the technology in tyres far more advanced since when they were just thicker versions of bicycle tyres. Grip, material type, tread and durability are all factors one should consider when purchasing the right tyre for your vehicle. For businesses in transport and logistics things like tyre quality would matter a lot as this would directly influence the performance of their fleet.

Truck Tyres

Truck tyres are a whole different ball game and are not as easy to maintain or repair in comparison to normal conventional tyres. If you manage a fleet in the transportation sector you would want to get the maximum mileage from your stock tyres until you need to replace them. Truck tyres aren’t cheap so if there is a way of fixing a damaged tyre which is currently in use then this would be a more economical way to go about things. It is however essential that when you do your repairs, you repair it to a sufficient level. Incomplete repairing can just duplicate the amount of time and money you invest in for maintenance and are quite unnecessary.

Drivers play a vital role

Businesses in transportation in countries like Australia have to be cautious of the quality of their tyres, as transporting goods and products across such vast countries can be a nightmare if your fleet and equipment aren’t reliable. An important pre-check on the state of your tyres would be advisable before traveling long distances. Drivers are held accountable to do this as they have to keep an eye on the maintenance of the vehicle they are assigned with. Checking on tyre pressure is vital and should be done the proper way by a pressure gauge; this does not include the age-old “hit the tyre with a stick” method as this proves very little in measuring the interior pressure of the tyre. Imagine driving in a large state where the nearest mechanic specializing in tyre repair Perth could be miles away. This could be your biggest nightmare as a business. You might be delivering perishables or delivering something urgently required on the other side of the country both of which would incur losses and harm your business.

Tyre Replacement

When replacing tyres, there are specifications that need to be adhered to. It may not necessarily mean that your new tyres would need to be direct replacements to your stock ones in terms of features. In fact, you could even give your vehicle better alternative options as well. Manufacturers normally recommend replacements to be from specific brands, dimensions and types but if you are replacing all fours it is okay to deviate a bit. When replacing one tyre however it is better to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, for a change in just one tyre could bring an imbalance in your vehicle and mess with its collaboration and handling. Temporary repairs by inner-tubes should never be chosen over a complete repair, you may think it saves you some money in the short-run but it would come back to haunt you in the long run.

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