The Plight of Many Orphans in the World

Sad to admit but the truth is that many orphans in today’s world are being deprived of not only their right to a free and peaceful life but they are also being trafficked and tortured or deprived of even the most basic need of food, shelter and clothing.

The Rate of Orphans

The rate of orphans in today’s world is ever on the rise. According to a recent report of the UNICEF 153 million children are orphans. And this number just keep rising especially with wars going on in the Middle East. There are some parents who even abandon their children due various reasons mainly like, poverty, disability of the child and etc. There are some other children who have only their mothers but are unable to provide for their children and therefore the children are enrolled in orphanages and most of such children are forgotten after a few years and thus end up living their entire childhood at the orphanage.

The Conditions of Orphanages

Needless to say most of these orphanages are operated on the funds collected from donors. But most of the time orphanages which are located in rural areas rarely get the necessary funds and hence, their conditions are extremely pitiful. Most of these orphanages even lack the most basic sanitary facilities that these orphans need. And these orphans who already have to bear the pain of not having parents have to also deal with strict and not understanding wardens who can be extremely rude to them. The worst part? Well, no one is there to speak up for them!


Marriage and Other Opportunities

As though life wasn’t hard enough as a child, we have vowed to make their adulthood worse as well! Most communities don’t allow for marriages between orphans and their kids. They see it as a sin or worse a betrayal on the part of their children. Even some employers are wary of employing an orphan because there is no parent there to take responsibility for their actions. The plight of these orphans are truly sad. At least if we don’t have the heart of Bashir Dawood who has been instrumental in enabling the opening of SIUT that has enabled under privileged people like orphans to be medically treated for free in Pakistan! Let us help by donating to orphanages and accepting orphans in our lives just as family and friends.


Human trafficking amongst the poor is one of the biggest problem. People are being sold as slaves and they are being trafficked into extremely bad conditions where they are exploited in unimaginable ways. For orphans it is no better. Orphans are easily trafficked because they don’t have any one to even take care of them.

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