Tips To Plan a Memorial Service Successfully

There is a liberating feeling in creating a memorial that is beautiful to say goodbye to a loved one. Every situation is unique and no two cases will be the same. Every life is also very unique which is why two memorials can never completely be the same. Here are some of the ways you can create a memorial that is memorable and unique as well as successful.

Bring In Family Traditions Wherever Possible

It is always a great idea to incorporate a family tradition to your memorial. If you find good funeral directors Melbourne or in another location, let them also know about a family tradition that was either created by or enjoyed by the deceased. It could even be something like a game that they were the undisputed family champion of. Including this in the memorial will add the spirit and character of the one passed to the occasion.

Give Your Guests a Keepsake

Give your guests something like a baked goodie or a small keepsake to take home with them. This keepsake should definitely have some connection to the deceased. So indirectly you are giving away a little bit of their love and memories to others and asking them to remember the best of the person while they were alive. It is a great positive note on which to end a memorial. It does not have to be anything expensive. Just needs to be something that has meaning.

Humour to the Rescue

Humour during a memorial is not disrespectful. Just think about it, did your loved one who has passed on have a great sense of humour? Did they crack jokes to lighten a tense situation? Well, just do the same. A simple joke here or telling people at the memorial of a really funny incident involving the dearly departed is not disrespectful. They were human and you are remembering them, just as they were. It will help dissipate the intensity and give everybody the chance to draw a lighter breath.

Music Is Always a Good Accompaniment

Some music in a memorial is a very good thing. It not only helps lighten the ambiance but if you also play something that was loved by the one who is no more, you are also remembering them as they were and celebrating their life. Besides, there is no rule to say that you should not play music or that it is disrespectful in a memorial. Good music is always soothing and will always help.

Serve Food That They Liked

One other way to plan a memorial with meaning is to serve food and beverages that your loved one enjoyed while they were alive. If they had a knack for cooking, maybe you can work out one of their most loved recipes and serve it to the guests. If they grew their own herbs, you could add that to the dishes that you make thereby incorporating a valuable part of their passion and life into the memorial. There is no limit to how creative you can get if you really want this memorial to be one that celebrates the life of your loved one and not just mourn the fact that they are no longer among the living.

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