How to Make Sure That You Do Your Bit for Nature?

We all know by now that we are no longer living in the same natural environment that we had a few decades ago, or even last year. Our pollution and unhealthy practices have claimed so much of nature that little by little, it just seems like the environment around us is becoming extinct. While many plant and animal species are bidding their final farewells to the planet as they go extinct, climate change has posed one of the biggest all-time threats to mankind. We may try to downplay it but there is no hiding that the polar caps are melting and the sea level is rising. It may not be in your power to handle all of the planet’s pollution but you certainly can contribute a lot in your own way which will set the lead for countless others to follow.

Stop Wasting Unsustainable Resources like Power

How many times a week do you forget to turn off your fan, lights or air conditioning? How many lights and fans are working at the same time in your house? Is there anything that you could possibly do to cut down on the energy consumption at your house so that at least you can say that you are saving energy? Of course there is. Think about switching to solar panels for home. They will not just save a lot of energy and save the environment just a little more but will also help you save a lot of your utility expenses and let you enjoy your appliances as much as you want for virtually free.

Keep the 4Rs Alive

The 4Rs are namely, refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle. These are known the world over as the four best ways to handling non-biodegradable substances that can cause harm to our eco-systems. Everyone is busy most of the time today and therefore, you will not see many people taking the time or the effort to practice these 4Rs in their day to day life. However, that does not mean that you should not. You and your family can use these values to promote an environmentally healthy home that does not dispose of waste irresponsibly. You never know how much difference a single action can have on the world.

Water Is More Scarce Than You Think

Yes, we know that Earth is a lovely green and blue planet with oceans covering much of its surface, but how much of that water is readily usable without the need for desalination and the like? Not much. Water is a lot scarcer than you think and if you have running water each morning as you go into your shower, you must consider yourself privileged. There are many countries in the world which lack even the bare minimum amount of water needed for sustaining life. Try to save as much water as you can. There is no need to leave the tap running the whole time that you are having a shower. There is no need to fill water into drinking cups, then have just sip of it and throw all of it away.

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