Education for social and mental wellbeing

Knowledge can be power and almost all of us have heard the saying, right? The more you know about a certain topic or factor, the better. Because the world we live in today is moving forward rapidly and education is the only thing that can help us cope with those changes. Learning new things sounds simple but not everyone in this world has the ability to reach these facilities. Unfortunately, there are people who are not able to afford education. Some countries, however, offer free education to their citizens but that alone is not enough to solve this problem. A well-educated society will live better and people will have more comfortable lifestyles. Because the more you know about the world, the better as mentioned. It is, therefore, important to secure a proper future that offers education for wellbeing of humans. But how can be achieve this?

In an ideal world, we all will have the luxury or learning new things and education will not be an issue. With today’s complexities, however, we have to focus on different things and hence, education and knowledge have lost their priorities. Unfortunately, not every government has the ability to withstand these issues and their best is not enough when it comes to educational systems. Different countries have different educational infrastructures based on their people, cultural diversities and resources. These infrastructures and systems are designed ideally for those people. However, they will need some assistance if their resources are not enough.This is where international organizations and various NGOs come into action. With their resources, elevating education and establishing solid infrastructures have become possible. It is an effort of groups of people who work together to establish something great and phenomenal.

But how will raising education levels can enhance or improve social and mental wellbeing? This sounds like a simple question but it demands a serious and a comprehensive answer, doesn’t it? When a certain group of people are not educated, they will work or function under their own restrictions and they will never realize their full potential. For example, if you hire unqualified workers in an organization, your overall efficiency levels will be much lower. But if you educate them appropriately, they will know what to do in order to make things better and more efficient. This can be applied almost everywhere and mental wellbeing is basically governed by knowledge. Hence, we have to support these causes as much as we can because at the end of the day, we will be helping an entire system.

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