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Luxurious Sleep, Quality Life!

Nothing like relaxing on your stylish bedroom after a hard day’s work! Investing in quality sheets is one of the best ways to liven up your bedroom ensemble and ensure a good night’s sleep. Waking up to a fabulous abode is all you need to energize yourself throughout the day. Elegant Ground’s five star quality sheet sets are woven from single fine yarns, smooth, silky and comfortable against your skin. They offer unrivaled softness and durability – and comfort fit for royalty. For those looking the best of the best, Elegant Ground sheet sets made from high-thread count Egyptian cotton is as good as it gets!

Choose the Style

Solid-colored sheets are a great choice especially for themed bedrooms because they are the most versatile. Sheets in pastel colors will go well with most bedroom designs while darker shades like black, purple, blue and red are best used for contemporary bedrooms. Depending on the print, bed sheets with all-over prints (floral, geometric damask, color-blocked or novelty prints) are great for either country style bedrooms or contemporary bedrooms with minimalist design.

Is Thread Count Important?

It will depend on your preference. For example, if you are not keen on the texture of the fabric then no, the thread count isn’t much of an importance. However, if you are looking for silky smooth sheet texture then a high thread count fabric is ideal for bed sheets.
Thread count is often used to measure a sheet’s smoothness, durability and texture. It refers to the number of threads woven into a square inch of the fabric. However, thread counts aren’t always accurate but the type of cotton used to craft the sheet is significant to the overall quality and texture of the sheet.

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